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Promote your business online with stunning 360 Photography.
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Virtual Tours Wide Bay

Promote your business online with stunning 360 Photography.
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Architecture and Interior Photography
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Eye Catching Images For Property Sales

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360 Photography Gympie

  • 360 Degree Photography Virtual Tours Wide Bay

    Interactive Virtual Tours & 360 Panorama Photography, Video, and Street Views Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Maryborough

    Contact John - T: 0419 716 107 or E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Who can benefit from 360-degree panorama photos, video and interactive virtual tours?

    If presenting your property, manufacturing, agricultural or commercial business to potential online customers then 360 Virtual Tour photography is a must-have for your website and/or your Google My Business and Google Maps listing or your property listing on the major real estate sales websites. John Wilson Media are 360 Photography and Virtual Tours specialists and the most experienced photographers in the Wide Bay with more than 25 years of experience in aerial photography in Australia and Internationally. We can capture brilliant 360-degree panorama photography and create immersive 3D Virtual Tours for a variety of businesses including resorts, restaurants, accommodation, shopping centres, aged care facilities, sporting facilities. 

    360 Degree Photography and Virtual tours are great for real estate sales. Property owners selling a house in Hervey Bay real estate region or Bundaberg real estate district can very effectively display rooms of a house or exterior gardens, pool and entertainment areas.

    360 DEGREE PHOTOGRAPHY AND INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TOURS are the best way to promote business by giving potential visitors and buyers an immersive experience when viewing business and organization websites. Giving customers A Virtual Tour experience of a business or property with Panorama Photography is more engaging than a static photo and unlike a video, it won’t start and stop and have to be replayed again.

    Don't forget 360-degree Panorama Photography for special events. John Wilson Media Panorama Photography can provide Panorama event photography for concerts, presentations, sporting events, and festivals.

    Sample Virtual Tour below - Swipe around using your mouse or fingers if viewing on mobile devices. - scroll in and out and drag your mouse on the image to see the 360 view.

    Slide 1

    A Virtual House tour similar to the example below can be looked at for as long as the viewer wishes and will engage visitors much more than video which has to be replayed over and over.

    Slide 1

    360 Degree Panorama Locations - Where We Work

    We supply 360 DEGREE PHOTOGRAPHY and VIRTUAL TOURS for business websites and Google My Business pages in the Wide Bay Region including the following towns of Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Maryborough, Childers, Gin Gin, Gympie, Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay.

     360 Degree Panorama Photography Methods 

    Just as with more general photography there are skilled professionals and unskilled. Some people try to do it themselves but for the best quality and service, it is always best to engage a professional 360-degree Panorama Photographer. The 360-degree photography and virtual tour a business uses must display in the best possible quality otherwise the user experience will be poor. Good quality 360-degree photography, which John Wilson Media Virtual Tours provides, will engage and immerse the viewer in your business. We fully edit and retouch the 360 Virtual Tours we produce which result in the best quality imagery. Virtual tours are a valuable investment in business marketing.

    Don't forget about Street Views. We can create a Google street view in Hervey Bay or a Bundaberg Street View for Google Business listings and we also do street views for Gympie Businesses. Give John a call to discuss your business needs: Tel 0 0419716107.

    How To Find Quality Virtual Tour Production - What To Look Out For

    Just as with traditional photography there are professionals that produce professional-quality virtual tours as we do and others that lack skill and expertise and produce poor quality virtual tours. Take a minute to view the sample below that compares and show what to look for when determining if someone is capable of producing the quality you require. Poor quality 360  Virtual Tours are generally very easy to discover. They typically have no or very little detail in the window views with poor colour as seen in the lower image below and the room lighting is generally quite dark as opposed to a professional quality 360 room view where the room is lit properly and there is good detail and views in the windows. John Wilson Media produces high quality 360 Virtual Tours.

    Identifying Poor quality virtual tour02

     Cost-Effective Virtual Tours and 360 Panorama Photography Pricing and Packages

    Virtual tours and 360 Panorama photography Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, and Maryborough are a cost-effective and value adding way to market your property. The price for 360 Panorama Photography and Virtual Tours includes our visit to your property to capture all the images we require, processing, and editing of the final images for use. We can also host your 360 Degree Business Panorama and provide a link that can be added to your website and allow easy viewing or alternatively provide the completed 360 Panorama for your website administrator to upload to your website. We can assist with Google map View and Google My Business photos to get your 360 Panorama into your Google Account. 360 video can be hosted on a youtube channel and the link added to a page on a company website

    Real Estate Sales

    We offer two types of Virtual Tours for online property listings. Clients can choose to have a Basic Virtual Tour produced that will show all the rooms' details but without the window views or a Premium Virtual Tour that incorporates additional editing to produce better details and window views and can also include points of interest within the rooms or links to outside views etc. 

    Other Google Local Search Services for Business

    Specialist Photography and Marketing Services to raise the profile of your business online in local search.

    We can help business with the following (and other) Photography services for your business :

    • Aerial Photography – Aerial Photos, Aerial 360 Photospheres and Virtual Tours
    • Corporate Headshots – Headshots for Business and Social Media
    • Product Photography – Product Photos for your website

    Please contact John for further details. 

    For urgent attention for Virtual Tours services please call John TEL: 0419 716 107 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









  • Gympie Photographer Services

    Professional Photography Gympie Services, Commercial Photography and Special Events, Family Photography and Video Production.

    Gympie Photographer - Spring Valley Rd, Gympie, QLD 4570 – By appointment only 

    John Wilson Media is a professional photographer and photography services in Gympie QLD and surrounding districts including Rainbow Beach. Contact Photographer John Wilson, one of the most experienced professional photographers in Australia - Open 7 Days:

    For Urgent Gympie Photography Requests Contact John - TEL: 0419716107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Family Photography | Portrait Photography | Wedding Photography | Lifestyle and Business Profile Portrait Photography | Commercial Photography

    Professional Gympie Photography by John Wilson Media offers a range of services including commercial photography and business portrait photography, real estate, photography, aerial photography with drone and plane, special events and wedding photography, specialist sports portrait photography for athletes and families and video production services.

    Chief photographer John Wilson is not only a Gympie Photographer but an internationally experienced professional photographer and cameraman. John has worked in 40 countries and been on assignment for the famous Time Magazine in New York and his work has appeared on major TV networks. As a wedding photographer, John has photographed many destination weddings around the world and is an international award-winning wedding photographer. See John Wilson’s profile here.

    John can solve your photography needs for business and provide photography solutions for many requirements such as marketing, advertising, and property sales as well as aerial photography.

    Our Gympie Photography Services List

    If you don't see a service you require please contact John as his extensive experience in many fields of photography may be able to solve a problem or achieve the goal you are aiming for with photography or video.

    • Commercial Photography for real estate and business
    • Family Photography
    • Portrait Photography for individuals and companies
    • Aerial Photography for commercial real estate sales, developers, private landholders
    • Drone Photography 
    • Interior Photography for Real Estate, Home Owners, Architects, Builders, Cabinet Makers
    • Editorial Photography for magazine and all print media use
    • Video Production facilities for Broadcast Media with Live Broadcast ability
    • Portrait Photography for Business and Corporate Headshots for marketing
    • Sports Portraits for unique photography for athletes. Great motivational product for aspiring champions.
    • Special Events Photography including wedding photography and elopements
    • 360 Panorama Photography for business promotion online with Virtual Tours

    Virtual Tours Gympie for Business and Property Owners

    360 Virtual Tours take marketing your property for sale or business operation to the next level by providing an interactive way to show rooms and spaces to potential clients and buyers. Call John for more information 0419716107

    Commercial Aerial Photography in the Gympie and Wide Bay Region

    Commercial Aerial Photographer Gympie

    Where We Work

    As a photography service in the region, we not only work in Gympie but also service the Wide Bay, Mary Valley, Kilkivan, Goomeri, Murgon, Rainbow Beach areas. We also regularly work in the South Burnett region including Kingaroy, Kumbia and Dalby.

    Book the best qualified Gympie Photographer

    For urgent attention for Gympie photography and or video services please call John TEL: 0419 716 107 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Photography Delivery

    Photography can be supplied digitally via download link in sizes and resolutions suitable for clients needs.

    Photography Options

    Portrait Photography can be supplied digitally in high resolution for business marketing and stunning ready to hang fine art wall prints can be produced from family and sports portrait photo sessions in Hervey Bay Qld.

    Find The Gympie Photographers Service To Suit Your Needs

    Commercial product and business photography, as well as business info videos for business and group which, is a helpful service for company marketing strategies and John can offer solutions to using the best services to suit your business needs.

    Professional interior photography services are suitable for house sellers, builders, cabinet makers, and architects. We work with many private homeowners selling their property via private sale and can supply an appropriate photography package to include a colour floor plan and even aerial photography combined with high-quality interior and exterior photography.

    Pofessional interior photography Bundaberg by John Wilson Photography

    Aerial Photographers Gympie including Aerial Drone Photography

    We offer several Gympie aerial photography solutions which include aerial drone photography Gympie and we also use our light plane for specific aerial photography requirements. We are not only a CASA registered Gympie drone operator but fully qualified aerial photographers. We have more than 25 years of professional aerial photography experience using fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and other aerial platforms including many drone photography platforms working nationally and internationally.

    Aerial Inspections Service including Gympie Roof Inspections

    John Wilson Media conducts aerial roof inspections using aerial drone photography and video in Gympie and inspection of infrastructures such as water towers, roof installations such as solar panel arrays communications hardware and factory spaces for insurance claims or repair work assessment.

    Aerial infrastructure inspections Bundaberg QLD

    Contact Gympie Photographer - TEL: 0419716107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     Family Photography Gympie and Lifestyle Photography

    Contact John for information about cost-effective family photography or getting some fresh new photos of your staff and business leaders. Families have a choice to purchase a no-fuss Digital Photography Package that includes a photoshoot and a lovely collection of digital images ready to print. Alternatively, clients can purchase a wall print package which can include one or several ready to hang wall prints.

    Editorial portrait photography Gympie

    Family Portrait Photograph Gympie

    Gympie Wedding Photographer - Full-Time Professional Photographer

    If you are searching for a wedding photographer in Gympie Qld, John Wilson Media can provide top-rated wedding photography. Chief photographer John Wilson is an international award-winning wedding photographer and not only photographs weddings in Gympie but throughout Queensland and internationally. Couples can find wedding photography packages and prices to suit a variety of budgets from budget wedding coverage through to complete wedding day/reception coverage.

    As we are a full-time professional photography business in Gympie we are available 7 days a week for our clients. Read more about Gympie wedding photography HERE.

    Gympie wedding photography

    Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography

    We photograph weddings at Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay - Read more about Rainbow Beach wedding photography HERE

    Please contact us for professional photography in Gympie, special events photography, video production, portrait photography, presentation and awards ceremonies. Call John 0419716107.



About us

John Wilson Media is operated by Professional Photographer and Videographer John Wilson. John is a career professional and a master news photojournalist with 25+years experience nationally and internationally with both print and broadcast media. Real estate photography, Architectural photography and aerial photography services are part of Commercial photography services offered by John Wilson Media. 



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