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Terms of Use / Privacy Policy / Copyright / Deposit and Refund Policy

Thank you for visiting John Wilson Media website. By viewing this site you agree to the terms and conditions related to the site.

John Wilson Media website is owned and operated by John Wilson Photography. All material featured on the site, including but not limited to, photographic images, text, illustrations, moving images, graphics, and sounds is owned by John Wilson Photography. The web site's elements including but not limited to the overall design and elements are protected by copyright relating to intellectual property laws and moral rights. No portion of this website or any of its content may be retransmitted or copied in any way without the express permission in writing from the site's owner, John Wilson Photography. Unauthorized use of the site or its content or misuse of the conditions, by you, shall have you indemnify John Wilson Photography against any losses, expenses, damages, and costs associated with these actions.

Copyright 2024 John Wilson Photography all rights reserved - Copyright 2024 John Wilson Media all rights reserved

Privacy Policy

Information collected on this website is for the sole purpose of communicating with clients and prospective clients and no information is given to any third party.

Payments and Deposits Commercial Work Policy

By using this website you understand that John Wilson Media payment terms are payment within 7 days from the date of invoice for commercial clients unless otherwise arranged or stated on our invoices. 30-day accounts need to be arranged with John Wilson Media prior to work commencing. Invoices unpaid after 30 days incur a 30% surcharge. Invoices unpaid after 90-days incur a 100% surcharge. John Wilson Media retains the right to pursue payment of invoices through legal avenues if invoices remain unpaid.


John Wilson Photography, John Wilson Media and any other Trading Names pertaing to the work we produce which includes but not limited to photography, video production, audio production, graphiics etc, remains our copyright. Clients purchasing/hiring our services recieve a limited copyright usage of the material we produce for the intended use associated with the hiring. Under no circumstances can the produced material be on sold or given to third parties for additional use without a further agreement from the owner John Wilson.  Further agreements generally incur a cost for a further limited copyright useage.

Work requiring delivery the next business day incurs a 30% surcharge.

Private clients must make payment for work in full prior to the day of work to our business bank account or pay cash on the day subject to John Wilson Media approval.

Payments and Deposits and Refunds Policy

DEPOSITS - Initial deposits made to John Wilson Media are considered booking deposits to secure our services for work on the date indicated. Please note that deposits up to $1200 are not refundable as your booking deposit secures the work date and/or time and we don't take further bookings for this date or time once a deposit is paid. Amounts paid as booking deposits will be deducted from the overall cost of work being supplied if our fee is more than the amount already paid. Conditions apply in relation to refunds and no refunds due to the late cancellation of John Wilson Media service or services.  Booking Deposits are non-refundable and deposit amounts required are clearly stated in our communication with clients. 

We reserve the right to cancel any agreement or arrangement without refund if payment requirements are not met or prior payment arrangements not met.


John Wilson Media website is provided "as is”. The site, its material and its operation and functioning of content, is not warranted to be uninterrupted or without error. Any cost relating to servicing, correction or repair relating to the use of this site and its information shall be entirely yours (the user/visitor to site) and not John Wilson Media. John Wilson Media will not be liable for or limited to any loss of profits, punitive or consequential, indirect or incidental damages relating to this site.

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