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Real Estate Agent Hervey Bay - Free Advice For Property Sales & Buying

Hervey Bay Real Estate - Sales and Buying Advice with no agent

Units, villas, apartments, flats, condominiums, Queenslanders or duplexes... Whatever you are selling! Get the best Hervey Bay Real estate agent advice. John Wilson Media, with 30 years experience, has realized the demand and the new trend in private house sales in the market and we offer free real estate advice in Hervey Bay for property owners. Record numbers of homeowners are ditching traditional Hervey Bay real estate agents in favour of selling privately and maximizing profit.


 If you are considering buy or selling a house, apartment, unit, villa, flat, or condo in Hervey Bay consult the specialist in private home sales advice, John Wilson Media. Did you know that more than 90% of people search online for a property to buy? There is no point signing up with a Hervey Bay real estate agent and paying 10-15k in commissions when you can do exactly what they do and list a property on the internet yourself. The process to sell your home privately is very, very easy and the success rate from homeowners we have worked with is 100% property sales selling privately in Hervey Bay and Maryborough. We have the case studies of our clients to prove this fact!! Take a look below at some recent private house sales from the region which John Wilson Media helped with supplying quality real estate products to produce an eye-catching listing online that attracted potential buyers. 


Hervey Bay real estate info

Did you know that around 4 million people view the main property websites each month? These websites are not Hervey Bay real estate agent but the main property sites used by people to buy and list property. Sellers MUST be on these websites and forget about the local agent sites. To prove this to yourself just google up a street address or search for "houses for sale in a Hervey Bay or Maryborough, and see what appears in Google. The websites of www.domain.com.au and www.realestate.com.au dominate the results and this is where real estate is bought and sold. Agents have extremely little to do with this other listing your house which you can do yourself for an absolute fraction of the cost an agent will charge. We have seen Hervey Bay real estate agents even charge clients a fee for listing a house on these sites. This is on top of the incredible commission they charge. It really is double dipping in our opinion. Real estate agents in Hervey Bay have among the highest rates of commission in the country and sellers can be looking at being charged anywhere from 2.7% to 3.4% in commission. We believe this is way out of proportion in relation to the amount work done and the skill level required to do this.

A Hervey Bay real estate agent will spend a few hours at most listing a property online, putting up a for sale sign and maybe showing a couple of people through a house. This is not highly skilled work and in fact to become a real estate agent all that is required, at the time of writing, is a fee of $500 paid after answering a few questions from a few modules. That is it and for about $2000 you can become an agency. For these minimal requirements, real estate agents believe they should be able to earn thousands of dollars an hour. When you consider a surgeon who earns similar money has to train and study for years to earn similar amounts of money it seems a bit rich that a real estate agent should be charging what they do. We have heard agents defend these enormous fees by saying they provide up to date market knowledge and advice and cutting-edge technology which the home seller can find easily online and use themselves.

Selling your home privately will maximize profit and the process is not difficult. Below are results from our clients that have used our services and FREE ADVICE to sell their homes in hervey bay privately.

Recent sales Hervey Bay real estate


The number one priority when you sell your home should be in its online presentation. When you list your property online the only way you will attact interest is through how your listing looks. You MUST have QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY if you want to achieve the best possible price. We have seen some absolutely terrible photography some Hervey Bay real estate agents are content to use in property listings. The agents are doing a disservice to their clients and don't care because they get a hefty commission no matter what the property sells for. Selling your house privately will maximize profit but in order to justify your price to potential buyers it is essential to have quality images. This is true even if you are selling an older home or rural property. Your property photos ARE THE FIRST POINT OF CONTACT WITH POTENTIAL BUYERS. It is foolish to underestimate the power of quality photography to capture the interest of buyers. Statistics show that a property listing has 20 seconds to create enough interest with a buyer to continue looking through the listing The real estate photography and video products we produce at John Wilson Media will effectively capture and help promote your property when you list your house for sale. Our clients are able to choose from a selection of photography and video products such as magazine quality internal and external photography, Twilight evening or morning photography, aerial photography and video along with a walkthrough video. All these services combine to create a captivating viewing experience for a potential buyer.

Hervey Bay real estate agents advice

Creating an eye-catching property listing

Great photography will ultimately turn a potential buyer into making an inquiry but it is prudent to ensure your entire listing has the goods to guarantee this contact. We advise the use of a floor plan in addition to professional photography. The modern floor plans produced by John Wilson Media can be either standard 2D black and white or Colourful 3D look plans with furnishings.

Real estate agent Hervey Bay floor plan

Your property blurb needs to be written well. Ensure all the positive feature are listed but don't forget to add a little about why it is so great to live in the area. How close are the airports and transport routes, what attractions, shopping, schooling and medical facilities exist are all things homebuyers are interested in knowing about.

Please contact us if you need some help getting your property ready for listing and if you leave some details below we will also send you our FREE 24 page EBook with tips to selling your house via private sale. 

Contact John - Hervey Bay Real Estate - 0419716107

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Useful Links:

RealEstate.com.au - Tips for selling blog

Things to do in Hervey Bay



Free EBook - Sellers Guide for Private House Sales

Get Our Free 23 Page Ebook - Sellers Guide to Selling Property Privately online without a Real Estate Agent.

More than 90% of potential buyers are using the internet to find property and great opportunity exists for property owners to maximize profit by selling privately. We are working with increasing numbers of homeowners that are selling their homes privately which is the reason we have produced this FREE GUIDE. We hope it will help you with a successful private property sale!!

Available via email below.

Seller guide jwm


23 pages of helpful information for Private House Sales

Learn the 5 Key points to get your property listed and sold privately

Learn how to become a market knowledge expert in about 30 minutes

Learn how to use the unparalleled or cutting-edge technology real estate agents boast about

Learn about who and how to list your property for private sale

Learn about the difference between a great eye-catching listing that will convert into enquires and one that buyers will ignore.

Learn how to write a great property description

Learn about the real estate agent myth and marketing myth

If You Are Still Deciding Whether to sell privately take a look at the case studies below from actual recent private house sales from our clients. We photographed each property for the owners and the sales results speak for themselves. Read our FREE EBook (available below) for all the information you will need to get your property listed and sold privately.

Property sales privately QLD


Leave your details below and when you book us for your house photography we'll email you a FREE COPY of our popular EBook. Otherwise, you can purchase this informative guide for $23 - all you need to do is email john at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll send you an email invoice to pay through our PayPal account with your credit card or from your bank account.



Real Estate Photography - For Private House Sales

Professional Real Estate Photography Services For Private House Sales

John Wilson Media can provide eye-catching property photography for your online listing that will help generate buyer interest. Quality Photography is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF LISTING YOUR HOUSE FOR SALE because if no-one looks at your listing due to poor uninteresting photos then everything else has been wasted time. Your property photos will be the FIRST ASPECT OF YOUR LISTING THAT WILL ATTRACT A POTENTIAL BUYER and industry statistics show that house sellers that make use of professional photography not only sell faster but sell for higher prices. 

Our goal is to help you get your property sold and we can provide a range of services to enhance your online listing. We understand how important property photos are to your listing and ultimately the sale of your house and we have some discounted photography bundles that will enable you to have the most effective property listing.

Pofessional interior photography by John Wilson Media

Please Choose From The Packages Below or get in touch with John for your specific needs. Call John: 0419716107 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WE AIM TO PROVIDE UP TO 30 IMAGES PER SHOOT. If you need a specific number of photos, please speak with John about your needs. 



* Standard floor plans are 2D black and white and can be upgraded to Colour 3D look floor plans for an additional $45

Standard Floor Plan 2

Colour 3D Look Floor Plan

GET OUR FREE 24 PAGE EBOOK with all the information you need to get your property listed online





Rainbow Beach Real Estate Services

Rainbow Beach Real Estate Photography and Video Services specialist for property sales in Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Coast region, Professional Photographer

John WilsonMedia is the most experienced and premier Rainbow Beach real estate photographer with a full range of services to help get your property noticed and sold in competitive online listings. We believe our property photography for Rainbow Beach homeowners is THE most important consideration when listing a home for sale. Statistics show the majority of potential buyers search online first on the main real estate websites of www.domain.com.au and www.realestate.com.au so your property needs to be photographed well to gain attention. Further statistics show that a potential buyer will make their mind up to look at a listing within 20 seconds. That's 20 seconds to gain attention and encourage further viewing and this is why your Rainbow Beach property photography should be a priority and the best you can get. Our range of services will help you sell your home with quality photography designed to show your house at its best.

Rainbow Beach real estate photographer06

Rainbow Beach Real Estate Photography Services

Our clients can choose a single service or a package of services at discounted pricing. Most of our clients choose a package of interior and exterior photography, aerial photography and or Floor Plan. Twilight photography is a powerful way to capture attention and can be added to your package to add some style and mood to your property photography.

  • Quality Interior and Exterior Photography
  • Twilight Photography - Evening or Morning
  • Aerial Photography
  • Colour 3D look Floor Plans
  • Video Walk Through
  • Virtual Tours


Contact John - Real Estate Photography Sunshine Coast Tel 0419716107

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Virtual Tours have become the must-have for quality property listings. They are greatly more engaging to potential buyers than video because they can be viewed for as long as the viewer wishes to look th4rought the property, no replaying of video needed, and each room can be viewed in 360 degrees!!!

Sample Virtual Tour below



We incorporate a range of special lighting techniques and editing techniques to produce the highest quality property images. When we come to photograph your property we will endeavour to photograph your house at a time of day that shows your house in the best light. We will also ensure we photograph your property on a day with suitable weather and if we are doing twilight photography we will suggest whether its best to photograph your home in the evening or early morning for the best possible photography to create the most impact.

Rainbow Beach real estate photographer05

Rainbow Beach real estate photographer04

real estate photographer Rainbow Beach

Our aerial photography is almost a must-have for Rainbow Beach real estate photography. An aerial view can be used to show the property location and proximity to the coast and surrounds and an elevated view of the property can give a good overall view of the property size. We photograph property from our light airplane or we use drones and can produce aerial still photos as well as video presentations.

Floor plans add another level of interest to your Rainbow Beach property listing. We can produce these from a builders plan or failing this availability we can laser measure rooms so we can produce a floor plan.

Rainbow Beach Real Estate Floor Plan Service

Video walkthrough offers yet another visual medium to capture a potential buyers interest. We produce a video presentation with can also include some aerial video and which can be uploaded to your property listing on the main real estate websites.


Hervey Bay Real Estate | Learn How To Sell House Without Agent Commission

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Hervey Bay Real Estate Houses For sale by owner and Buy my place advice for selling buying residential real estate Hervey Bay

Private house sale is not for everyone and there will always be reasons why an agent is engaged for a sale but if you are in the fortunate position to be able to take some phone calls and show people through your home, you stand to save many thousands of dollars selling privately. For Hervey Bay real estate sales houses for sale, the most profitable method of marketing options is to sell your home privately. It really is a no-brainer when you consider you won’t be paying a licensed real estate agency which will save you around 3% of your house sale price which can be anywhere from 10k – 20k in savings for residential property sales. Record numbers of property owners are deciding to sell privately with houses for sale Hervey Bay Urangan, rural properties for sale Hervey Bay, Hervey Bay waterfront houses for sale, houses for sale Craignish Dundowran Beach rather than use Hervey Bay real estate agents for property sales. Buying Hervey Bay houses privately can also be very beneficial as there is no middleman agent involved and who better to discuss a property with than the person who owns it!! Selling privately requires a little research, which is easy enough to do online, and some patience and a willingness to adjust pricing if interest is stagnant. It's not a difficult process.

Sellers need to understand that more than 90% of potential buyers search for property online first and not in printed publications or real estate agents windows. This is absolutely key to understanding why houses are selling so successfully privately. It was once the case that people wanting to buy and sell real estate would have to use an agent but this is no longer the case and a real estate agent is not needed to sell your home in Hervey Bay. If you are still not convinced ring the Office of Fair Trading to find that it absolutely legal to sell your home privately without an agent.


Most of the houses we photograph for clients selling privately sell within the first 2 months of listing and all houses have eventually sold that have continued to be listed as private sale!! (John Wilson - Owner John Wilson Media Photography)



Buying Directly From The Seller - Private House Sales


Selling Your Hervey Bay Home Privately is Extremely Easy


Selling Hervey Bay Real Estate Privately Costs Less


Potential Buyers Search Online First


5 Point Process to Sell Your Home Privately in Hervey Bay











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