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Noosa luxury accommodation photography

  • AirBnB Photographer Noosa

    AirBnB Photography Noosa - Professional photography to boost your listing appearance

    Airbnb has become a great way for property owners in Noosa, Noosaville, and Tewantin to earn extra income. The popularity of the industry and stunning location of Noosa Heads has also led to increasing competition among properties vying for customers in the same locations. With this in mind, the importance of having the best possible photos of your Noosa accommodation is key to attracting the best clientele from you Airbnb and Stayz listings and should be a priority for you Airbnb management.

    You may have read reviews for Airbnb and Stayz property listings that say "the photos don't do it justice". We will help you create a great listing with stunning photography that will help grab attention and secure more bookings.

    Your photos are the first point of contact a potential client will have with your property and statistics show that you have about 20 seconds to grab the attention of a client and keep them on your listing.

    As professional property photographers in Noosa, we can produce high quality and eye-catching photography of your Airbnb and captivating 360 virtual tours which google encourage business listings to use for street view etc. Your rooms will be lit correctly and capture the mood and feel of the accommodation that will help attract the best number of clients. You can then use these photos as part of your Airbnb management marketing strategy and even use them for flyers and business cards. We can even design and print great A4 calendars for our clients to leave with guests as part of their marketing strategy.

    Photography for Home Exchange Listings

    We also provide quality property photography and property video for home listings on homeexchange, aussieswap, houseswapholidays, and Homelink. Good quality photography provides the best and quick assessment of a property by prospective house sitters and some sites also allow a video presentation. We can provide a visual marketing package for your Sunshine Coast Home Exchange listing or Noosa home exchange.

    What Photos Do I Need For My Noosa Airbnb Property?

    Take a look at online hotel listings and you will get a very good idea of how your listing should look and the photos you should have for you Airbnb in Noosa. Your property photos need to give a hint of the experience the traveler will have at your Noosa Airbnb. Don’t leave anything to the imagination. Your photos will create the desire for clients to stay at your Noosa Airbnb property!!

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    Here are the 5 key areas to photograph for your Airbnb customers

    • Bedroom/s – ensure room photos are well lit and bright
    • Kitchen/dining – whether communal or self-contained
    • Bathroom – Ensure photos are bright and room decluttered
    • Entertainment – Show the TV and lounge area. If a pool area is part of the facility show a good pool photo.
    • Access – It’s a good idea to show the street view of the property and parking availability

    How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Photography

    We photograph many properties for clients such as resorts and luxury homes and apartments and they all have a few things in common when we go to photograph them and that you should emulate with your property. The best properties and Airbnb's we photograph are very clean and tidy and great efforts have been made to declutter rooms leaving only tasteful additions that create the character of the property. You don’t need to go overboard and spend a lot of money getting your rooms looking great for photography but spending a few dollars for matching cushions and throws or some small pieces to accent a room will really enhance your photos and add appeal.

    Airbnb Video and Home Exchange Video

    While video of your property isn't easily added to Airbnb don't disregard this powerful way to get the message out about your great accommodation. Many Airbnb owners also use facebook pages and other social media platforms for property promotion and video is a good addition to these. Home exchange participants can add property video and should make use of this feature when promoting their accommodation. We have a selection of video products available as standalone services or combined with photography for a complete marketing package.

    Lifestyle photos can add appeal

    What does your location offer the traveler Think about how visitors will use your Airbnb and what they would be looking for during a stay. They may look for a good restaurant or coffee shop, shopping, a bush hike or cycle or perhaps a swim and surf at the beach. So a couple of good lifestyle photos will complete the experience a visitor can expect staying at your Noosa Airbnb.

    Contact and Pricing

    Contact John for some great attention-grabbing photography for your Noosa Airbnb property management and marketing. Pricing varies for properties. Some clients have us photograph an entire house and include a twilight shoot for added prestige and we also provide some elevated aerial photography for some beach and waterfront Airbnb's. 

    For urgent AIRBNB requests Contact John - TEL: 0419716107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Please remember, free cancellation only applicable within 48 hours from booking the work. Money paid prior to work is considered a booking deposit and is either a part payment or full payment for work depending on our discussions with you.

  • Noosa Real Estate Photography

    Noosa Real Estate Photographer and Specialist Interior and Architectural Photography.

    We aim to provide the best quality property photography with a useful selection of services for the house or rooms seller in the Noosa region. Clients can choose a single service such as real estate photography Noosa or a combination of services such as house photography combined with aerial drone photos, house floor plan graphic, real estate video and twilight property photography to create the most effective property listing. We can also create attention-grabbing 360 Room Views and Virtual Tours which are extremely popular with holidaymakers looking to book rooms.

    If you have a Noosa AirBnB we can also provide eye-catching property photography to enhance your listing and attract more interest. Our Noosa AirB&B photography can be tailored to suit the size of your accommodation.  More information HERE

    Luxury holiday houses sunshine coast.

    We are specialist photographers for prestige homes and prestige holiday homes and villas. Our hi-end architectural and interior photography will suit luxury accommodation Sunshine Coast and designer homes. We can include an entire day and evening shoot to capture the character of a luxury property through all the lighting experiences of the day. Our clients use our premium property photography services for a variety of purposes not just for property sales. Some of our clients want some stunning photography of their property for keepsake while others are interested in promoting their luxury homes for accommodation services for overseas and interstate guests. Architects, Builders and Cabinetmakers in Noosa and Sunshine Coast hire our premium photography services to capture their work on luxury homes in the region.

    Noosa Real Estate Photography Services Marketing Options

    Property owners in Noosa can choose from the following services to help attract a prospective buyer:

    • Exterior and internal property photography Noosa
    • Dusk photography
    • Walkthrough video presentations.
    • 360 Panorama Photography Virtual Tours
    • Aerial drone photography and video Noosa
    • Real estate floor plans and site plans
    • Addition of real estate agent logos and details
    • Addition of property outlines and points of interest on aerial photos

    Contact Details and Opening Hours

    We are available 7 days a week. Please call John TEL: 0419716107 or use the form below to discuss your needs.

    Selling real estate in Noosa or elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast is a competitive business and sellers should ensure their listings are well presented and attractive to potential buyers. Gone are the days when I few quick agent photos of a house put up on a listing or agents window would be enough to attract a buyer. Statistics have shown that using professional house photography will help with attaining higher sale prices and faster sales. Couple this with the fact that 90% of potential buyers search online first should encourage sellers to get the best Noosa real estate photography for their listing. The real estate photography in Noosa we provide and is competitively priced house photography and is an investment in the success of your property sale. For as little cost as $150, sellers can have up to a dozen professional photos supplied ready for website presentation by an agent or online property marketing website.


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    Commercial Real Estate Photography Noosa

    We also offer commercial real estate photography in Noosa and surrounding areas such as Sunshine Beach, Noosaville, Tewantin and Peregian Beach. Commercial properties in Noosa can be photographed for real estate agents and resort and holiday accommodation owners can use our services to photograph their properties for online marketing. Architects, Homebuilders and interior designers also use our services to for Noosa real estate photography, architectural photography Noosa and Sunshine Coast or interior design photography Noosa.

    Additional Noosa real estate photography services and Marketing Options:


    Need to boost your airbnb bookings? We can produce eye catching photos of your airbnb in Noosa to help attract more clients. Read more here: Noosa AIRBNB Photography

    Noosa Virtual Tours from $295 to sell houses online

    Be careful when choosing who produces your Noosa virtual house tour. Some operators produce very amateurish tours that will detract from your property listing. How can you tell a good virtual tour from a poor one? It's very simple to determine a good quality virtual tour, it will show good window views and not blown out windows with little or no details and poor virtual tours will also display overly dar rooms combined with way too bright windows. Look at the comparison photo below to get an idea of what you need to look for.  John Wilson Media produces the best quality virtual tours.

    Identifying Poor quality virtual tour02

    Virtual tour prices Noosa real estate are from $295 which will suit most property sizes. Potential buyers will enjoy looking around rooms in 360 degrees while not having to physically visit the property. A virtual tour for your Noosa house sale is an extremely effective sale tool and time-saving addition to property marketing. Call John for Noosa virtual tour details and bookings - TEL: 0419716107

    Interesting statistics about Virtual Tours for house sales in Noosa

    Potential buyers are 60% more likely to email a Noosa or Sunshine Beach agent and 90% more likely to call an agent about a property listing they have seen on that includes a Virtual Tour.

    Virtual tours show 4 times more engagement than standard video

    Buyers spend at least 52% longer on listings that feature virtual tours – the average time spent on a property listing on or Domain is about 1.5 minutes however properties with 360 virtual tours are seeing engagement rates of up to 6 minutes!

    The return rate for 360 virtual properties is 51%

    These are compelling statistics and provide the reasons virtual tours should be used by agents and home sellers. CallJohn to bookyour virtual house tour - TEL: 0419716107

    360 room panorama below. Mouse over the image, click and drag to look around the entire room. It is an incredibly immersive way to show clients your property!

    Slide 1

    Noosa Real Estate Floor Plans

    Try using our floor plans as part of your house marketing process. Statistics clearly show a real estate floor plan as part of property listing will attract 97% of potential buyers to study a listing in more detail. A Noosa real estate floor plan is a cost-effective way to increase the appeal of your home in your online listing. The property floor plans we produce are presented in an informative and attractive 3D look with added furniture and fittings. We can also supply property site plans to compliment floor plans.

    Real estate floor plan Noosa03

    Real Estate Video Presentation

    A real estate video is another effective tool to market a property. A video presentation can be a basic video slideshow with titles and music to a full walkthrough production and include drone video. Contact John to discuss having video as part of your property marketing.

    Real Estate Photography Virtual Staging

    Unfurnished property can be staged with our virtual staging services. We can digitally add furnishings to make property listings much more attractive to potential buyers. Pricing is on a per room basis and is $40 per room.

    real estate photography Noosa virtual staging



    Aerial Drone Photography Noosa

    Many real estate listings can benefit from elevated views of the property whether these are from relatively low heights or higher vantage points to show the property location in relation to neighboring points of interest such as beaches and shops etc. We can provide aerial drone photography and or video to add impact to your listing. Please check with us to see if your property will be suitable for this type of photography. 

    Noosa aerial photography

    Advice for Home Sellers

    Once sellers have all their real estate photography completed it is vitally important to research where your property will be listed. Unfortunately, there are still some real estate agents that think cheap quality property photography is okay. The main reason for this is their quest to get the cheapest work possible in order to maximize their earnings from selling the property. This does not benefit the seller and we suggest sellers source quality professional real estate photographers in Noosa such as our company John Wilson Media. Your property photos are more important for your online listing than the agent!  Take a look at the online listing comparisons below from two real estate agents. Its blatantly obvious which agent understands the importance of quality online presentation of properties. Home sellers should research how real estate agents present online before they sign up and this can be done from the comfort of your home or office. Also look at how the agent's website is seen on mobile devices and tablets as these are becoming the most used devices to view real estate listings online. 

    Noosa real estate photography comparison

    Terms and Conditions

    We give 7-day accounts to established business clients and for private homeowners, we expect payment prior to work or cash on the day (if this has been discussed with John). Payments may be made via direct deposit or via credit card which has a 2.6% handling fee added to the total cost. In some circumstances, we will allow 50% payment prior to work and the balance in cash on the day. All monies paid prior to work is considered as the booking fee for the work

    Day/s of shoot - Residential and Commercial Properties and accommodation

    We will photograph property as it is presented to us and it is not our responsibility to move furniture, appliances, towels, dishcloths, poolside furniture etc. We expect the property to be ready for photography when we arrive. Extra visits to the property to complete work due to rooms not being ready, weather changes etc will incur an additional charge. Please discuss these conditions with John directly to ensure photography is completed as discussed.

    Cancellation Refunds

    For cancellation within 7 days of the work, there will be no refund of the booking fee paid however we can reschedule the date for the work. The rescheduled date will be at a time suitable to our schedule and will be discussed with the client. 



About us

John Wilson Media is operated by Professional Photographer and Videographer John Wilson. John is a career professional and a master news photojournalist with 25+years experience nationally and internationally with both print and broadcast media. Commercial photography, Mining photography and Industrial photography services are part of Professional photography services offered by John Wilson Media.